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Thursday, May. 30, 2002

For all of those having “Unger” withdrawal symptoms.  I have begun to save his wild and best stuff from the last month.  Stuff that makes me crack up laughing…..  Things that he says… I’m gonna print it all out at the end of the year , frame it and give it to him as a Christmas gift.  He cracks me up…



“If you drag your feet you’ll scuff your shoes”


 (Said to a customer via the phone when waiting for him to send a PO)


“Don’t burn a bridge.  You don’t want to turn your bridge into a plank.”


(Said to his sales crew in a very serious manner)


“That’s a shame.  It would have worked out had it worked out.” 


(Said to me regarding a sales dept employee with potential that up and decided to leave without explanation)



Kenny: I need a calendar

Unger: “Lyndaaaa, get Kenny a calendar” (said to Lynda)

Unger: (said to Kenny) “See I get shit done for you Kenny!”



“You don’t have a suit?”   *pause*  I thought everybody had a court suit.” 

(Said to fellow employee needing a suit for a wedding.)


“It’s 76 degrees in here.  It’s hot!  She acts like we’re sitting around waiting for a drink.” 

(Said about Lynda’s desire to keep the rest of us from resembling hanging meat)



And…a short conversation I recently had with Steve, our maintenance/construction guy while he was repairing something with a drill.  He’s in his mid 40’s, is a kewl dude.  He likes to kid around a lot…and we all know that I’m a huge huge flirt!...


“There’s nothing more sexy than watching a man screw” – me

“I have knee pads in the truck  - Steve


ut oh!!!


For all those interested…I just bought 2 new books at a used bookstore right down the street from work.


By the Shore – Galaxy Craze

The Odd Sea – Frederick Reiken


I was very pleased to come back to work and read all the 5 stars on Amazon’s ratings.  Yeahhh  Maybe some “real” fiction.  ShhhI  haven’t forgotten that orange nightmare…






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